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SlimFortune Slimming Capsule. Directions to Use

  1. Take one capsule in the morning.
  2. Avoid alcohol and food with an excess salt content.
  3. Eat small portions throughout a day.
  4. Do not take slimming capsules for longer than three months. Make 2-3 weeks breaks between courses if needed.
  5. CONSULT with your health professional If you have or had cardiovascular complications, high blood pressure, psychological disorders, liver or kidney disease, any chronic diseases or are taking any prescription or over-the-counter drug. Not intended for use by persons under 18, over 65 or those with medical conditions.
  6. Do not use if you are pregnant or lactating.
  7. Do not exceed recommended daily intake. Improper use of this product will not improve results and is not advised. Use only as directed.

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